In 1985 Ralph bird and other former Truro rowers established the present Truro River Rowing Club with a borrowed gig Energy, they started rowing out of Lowe Beach Feock which to this day is Truro’s present home.

At present Truro has 2 racing Gigs: Royal and Circe. Both Truro Gigs are painted in the traditional club colours of gold and royal blue.

Recently we have placed an order for a new racing gig with the gig builder Andrew Nancarrow. The gig will be called Richard Lander after Truro’s famous son. Keep coming back to this site as we hope to have photos of it being built.


The Royal was built By Ralph Bird in 1988. It was named after the Royal Hotel who helped with the payment for the construction. In its day it was considered to be one of the best gigs and Truro started to win titles. With this gig Truro won 5 County Championships and 1 World Championship. The Royal is the current training gig for the club. It also competes in sailing races as it is one of the few remaining gigs that can use a sailing rig.


The current incarnation of the the gig Circe was built in 1995 and is the current racing gig used by the club. However many gigs have held that name over the years. In the 1950’s a set of old molds for building a gig was discovered in the sheds of the famous gig builders Peters at Polvarth. In the corner of the plans a shipwright had inscribed “PILOT GIG – ARROW and SURSEY the shipwright knew what the name Circe sounded like but didn’t know how to spell it. There is even a model of the gig Circe in the county museum.


The Richard Lander was bulit in 2005 by Andrew Nancarrow. At present she is the clubs primary racing gig. Used in the world champtionships on Scilly plus all the stared events on the mainland